Sunday, December 28, 2014

Meditation: Memento Vita et Mors

Here is a poem I wrote about nine months ago. I hope it inspires some meditation on gratefulness and the brevity of life.

Memento Vita et Mors

Gift upon gift, you grant us good things,
The Sun in the East, the morning bird sings.
Joy upon joy, the eyes of a child,
Young life with a will to love and be wild.

Gift upon gift, you grant us true things,
Wisdom and wine, an owl bearing dreams.
Joy till the end, eyes fade like a fire,
A sleep that has come, a sleep to desire.

Gifts over gifts pour out over us,
Countless they are, so we see it thus:
Love over all with hope grounded faith,
Gifts from Creator, a life full of grace.

I pray that upon reading this you are given pause to reflect on the incredible gift that life is and now, by the life and death of Jesus, what an incredible gift death is: union with God. 


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